The honey badger thief

The honey badger thief

You can never dictate what you want to see in the bush. You might have a wish list but there is no guarantee your wishes will be granted. I have learnt this over many years going into the wild, so I always arrive with the attitude that anything I see is a boon. I’ve had many special sightings over the years: from elephants to the smallest insects, they have all been marvellous. Then there is the experience which truly stands out, and that probably no one else has had. But I have photographic proof of this unique sighting, so special you wouldn’t even think to put it on your wish list.

During one of our visits to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, a martial eagle and its chick were spotted close to Veertiende Boorgat. On the morning of 15 August 2018, another visitor told me where the nest was located. We’d already passed the location and so decided to visit the nest in the evening.

We arrived at the spot but could see neither the mother nor the chick. Off we drove all the way to Dertiende Boorgat and back. On the return journey I spotted the martial eagle in the nest and then I saw the chick. I was most excited as I have never seen a martial eagle chick before. The next moment I saw a honey badger in the nest and wondered what it could possibly be doing there... Read more in Photo Tales.



Story by Jacques Blignaut

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