Customised Publishing

Have you ever dreamed of publishing your own book?

Now is your chance. HPH Publishing is offering a few applicants the opportunity to have their books professionally published.

HPH Publishing specialises in the highest quality of printing and publication. 

Having been in business for 20 years, HPH Publishing is one of the leading coffee-table and guide book publishers in South Africa. We specialise in custom-made books. And now is your time to get your own customised book.

We specialise in high quality photographic books produced with the Litho printing process. This means that we need to print at least 100 copies to make a print run financially viable for you. Litho printing is far superior to short print run publishing, so the books will be produced at the same quality of books that we have published to date. We use some of the best printers in the world and will never try to save money by using inferior quality material.  

So, if you think that you can sell 100 or more books, or give them away as gifts to friends and family, then this opportunity is for you. You will have your own book, published just as you want it, and, in addition, you stand to make a handsome profit from the sales to your contacts.  

We at HPH Publishing will design the book, edit and proofread the text, do the colour correction on the images, have the book printed at a professional printing press, and deliver the final product to any address of your choice.  

The steps:  

Step 1: Decide on what size book you would like to have published by getting a quote here.  

Step 2: If the quote is in line with your budget and dreams, then enter your book proposal here. This needs to include the following:  

· Sample images (at least 40, saved as Jpgs)  

· An outline of the book, including a preliminary chapter list  

· A text sample to be included in the book  

Step 3: We will assess your submission and advise you about the suitability of your work for printing. Please note that we only have the capacity to publish a few limited number of books per year.  

Step 4: If your book proposal is approved, we will need the following:  

· The final completed text and high res images sent to them via Wetransfer/Dropbox.  

· A selection of possible cover images  

· A 30% deposit  

Step 5: Our editors will edit the text, and send it back to you for final approval.  

Step 6: Our designers will then do a preliminary layout of a few pages of the book and suggest a few cover designs, after which we will meet with you, either physically or via Zoom, and work on the layout and suggested tweaks.  

Step 7: When the template is approved, we will complete the design of the book, and send it to you for final approval. We at HPH Publishing pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction and thus work closely with our authors to ensure that the book that we produce for you is in line with what you dreamt of. We will assist you with suggestions regarding all aspects of the process and design, but you will have a say in the final layout and design, as this will be your book and we want you to be proud of it.  

Step 8: Our designers will finalize the design. You will sign off the final product, at which time the second payment will be due, to enable us to send the print-ready files to the printers.  

Step 9: We will evaluate the saleability of the book to the trade by consulting with our sales reps. If the book is saleable within the book trade, we will increase the print run, and print the extra copies at our own cost. You as the author will receive 8% royalties of the selling price of all the sales made in the trade as well as on our online store, payable twice per year.  

Step 10: We print in the East, because of their vastly superior printing quality, so the entire printing and shipping process takes between 3 and 4 months, depending on various aspects including congestion at ports, shipping delays, printing schedules etc.  

Step 11: We will send you printer proofs for your sign-off. The approval window will be very short, so if you are not available, we will do it on your behalf, but will not be held responsible for any dissatisfaction because of this. The final payment will be due after you have signed off the printer proofs.

Step 12: The books will be printed and shipped to the address you stipulated. 

Step 13: We will give you the option to warehouse books at our warehouse, and have the books fulfilled from there directly to your clients. We will also make a ‘buy button’ available for you to use to sell your books through their online store. For this service, we charge 30% of the Recommended Retail Price, which is all-inclusive for the e-commerce service.

Create the book of your dreams. There are no limits, except your imagination.

We offer a range of services for clients seeking a boutique publisher. 

Contact us if you are interested in commissioning a publication.