About HPH Publishing


Having published more than 50 locally and internationally acclaimed illustrated coffee-table and guide books, HPH Publishing can rightly be considered to be a leader in the production of high-quality nature, wildlife and photographic books. Driving their ongoing quest for publishing perfection is Heinrich van den Berg, whose insight into what constitutes an exceptional publication is unrivalled in South Africa.

Heinrich started his career as a Civil Engineer but his passion has always been photography. Heinrich has been a professional photographer for twenty years and has gained the reputation of being a pioneer in photographic natural art. He has also won numerous awards, such as:

  • The Eric Hoskings Award for the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year for two consecutive years. Since then he has been awarded 5 times in this competition.
  • International Fuji Getaway Photographer of the Year
  • International Camel Trophy Photographic Competition

In 1998 Heinrich, together with his parents Philip and Ingrid, established a photography business where he was able to further his knowledge and expertise in the art. Heinrich then joined a publishing company specialising in guide books for game parks. Here he gained hands-on experience of the publishing industry.

Realising that the best way to share his and other like-minded photographers’ work was to become a publisher himself, in 2001 he established HPH Publishing. His first books were on the Tsitsikamma National Park and the Addo Elephant Park.

The experience gained from his initial foray into publishing equipped and encouraged Heinrich to attempt more ambitious projects. HPH Publishing's first major book, Greater Kruger, was published in 2003 and was immediately a big success. It was then that Heinrich understood that the company’s approach to only producing books of exceptional quality that are treasured by their readers was the right strategy.

It is also HPH’s policy to only publish the work of well-known photographers and to achieve maximum visual impact by using big, bold and beautiful photographs, with the economic use of text when appropriate.

To achieve the best printing quality possible, Heinrich investigated many options before settling on printers in the Far East, who use superior technology, as well as the finest papers and ink available. During the entire printing process Heinrich visits the printers where he personally approves every proof. As a consequence, HPH Publishing’s books are unmatched for their use of colour, attention to detail, binding techniques and overall finish.

Latterly the quality of HPH’s books has been further enhanced through a specialised printing process that, amongst other things, requires the use of eight colours. The results have led to various local and international awards, including two gold medals in the coffee-table book category of the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

HPH Publishing currently publishes five types of books, namely:

  • Photographic art, with an emphasis on large photographs and less text
  • Memento books of various areas, which allow the readers to relive and share their experiences
  • Guide books to prime wildlife destinations
  • Photography books that enthusiasts can use to enhance their expertise
  • Customised books for individual lodges and companies

Heinrich believes that an important factor in the company’s success is the focus on customer service.

“Going the extra mile,” he says, “is our trademark in all aspects of the customer’s experience. From efficient ordering to quality packaging and on-time delivery, we ensure that the customer enjoys a professional and satisfying experience that will encourage them to purchase again in the future.”