Almost too good to be true

Almost too good to be true

I took this once-in-a-lifetime shot at &Beyond Klein’s Camp, a remote and exclusive camp set on a 10 000 hectare concession leased from Maasai landlords, in the corner of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. The camp lies in the path of the Great Migration but there is also ample resident game and morning game drives begin at sunrise, with guides often on the lookout for lions resting from the previous night’s hunt...

...I have been taking wildlife photos for over 20 years but this had to be my most special moment. When I followed up on news of the lions with &Beyond Klein’s Camp, I learnt they had split up and are now only seen in pairs, so the timing for getting this exceptional shot proved to be extremely fortunate. There I was, in the unique position of being able to capture the six half-brothers all at once. So unlikely did this seem, that I was accused of Photoshopping the picture. But it was nature that Photoshopped this for me, and I count myself extremely lucky. Read the rest in the Photo Tales book.

Story by Daniel Dolpire

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