The three sittings

The three sittings

We were on a game drive and had just had a lion sighting, when two cheetahs crossed the road in front of us. Little did we know how exciting the next 50 minutes would be. The cheetahs went into thick bush, heading for the main road so we drove up there quickly to locate them again.

Having the trained eyes of a ranger in the car definitely helped because I know I would have missed them. As the cats came over a small rise we watched as they spotted some ostriches. The first cheetah quickly went into stalking mode, cautiously moving forward, crossing the main road through a now-growing number of vehicles, and continued to stalk. The second cheetah hung back nearly the entire time, seeming a little daunted by the vehicles and the intended target.

He was so still that I think only a couple of people in the many cars present knew he was there: he was our secret cheetah.
The first cheetah crept closer to its prey until it suddenly took off and flew at the back end of an ostrich. Chaos broke out... read more in Photo Tales

Story by Ashlea Todd

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