Meet Juno the Sky Dog

Meet Juno the Sky Dog

We all know dogs are capable of doing some pretty amazing things – but Juno is special, she loves to fly…

Jan and Jay rescued Juno from a parking lot in Natal only a few weeks old and almost on deaths doorstep. Starving and infested with fleas, little did Juno know that she was about to embark on a life few dogs, let alone humans get to live.

Juno’s training began when she was about three months old, with simple visits to the airfield just so she could experience the sights, sounds and smells. After a few trips, Jan and Jay put Juno in their plane so she could get a feel for it, and then, with a pocketful of treats, they taxied the plane to see how she felt about the motion.

She seemed to be pretty ecstatic about being in the plane so the next time they just took to the skies and laughed as Juno watched the scenery pass beneath her though the photographic windows with a large doggy grin on her face.

It did not take long for Juno to realize that she adored flying and that there was always something super exciting to do on the other side so all they needed to do was open the door and she would jump in ready for the adventure.

Since those puppy years Juno has flown thousands of nautical miles across South Africa on countless aerial photographic expeditions and is an indispensable crew member on ZU-EZP

To find out more about Jan and Jay’s adventures, purchase their spectacular limited edition book entitled Aerial Art.

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