Photographing Flame Wings

Photographing Flame Wings

We are very fortunate here in southern Africa to have many exceptional flamingo breeding sites including the Makgadikgadi salt pans, Etosha, the Walvis Bay wetlands and the coastal wetlands along the Mozambique coastline.

Flame wing is the direct translation from the Latin names of the lesser and great flamingo…a perfect description for these evocatively graceful birds.

Jan and Jay have spent countless hours photographing flamingo; these ballerinas of the wild from that decorate wetlands like sparkling jewels from above.

Flamingo are exceptionally noise and vibration sensitive, so they always take care to remain at a respectful altitude and not disturb them in any way. Their aircraft is so silent that in many cases they have managed to capture images of them wading through the shallows blissfully unaware that they are orbiting above.

Many of these images are featured in their beautiful book Aerial Art.

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