Bilal Mosam & Safiyya Laher's "The Scorpion King"

Bilal Mosam & Safiyya Laher's "The Scorpion King"

Our last days spent in a reserve always have a bitter-sweet feeling to them. On the one hand, there’s regret that the adventure is coming to an end. On the other, there’s excitement because you never know whether Mother Nature has a last sur­prise in store for you.


And boy, did she have a treat for us! We headed from the Kalahari Tented Camp to Twee Rivieren in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and enjoyed a few special sightings along the way: a cheetah in beautiful morning light calling for his brothers, two male Kori bustards fighting for dominance, a honey badger foraging for food in the riverbed and a leo­pard and cub walking along the calcrete ridges in the distance.

Yet our next sighting was one we’d often hoped for but never thought we’d be close enough to enjoy.

We had come across a colony of meerkats searching for food along the riverbed, and even though it was quite late and the light was harsh, we decided to take some photos since they were so close to us...  read more in Photo Tales.

Story by Bilal Mosam & Safiyya Laher

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