This is my waterhole!

This is my waterhole!

It was 23 December 2018 and the Savuti Game Reserve was baking under the summer sun. At around 18:15 we went out for a short ‘sundowner drive’. The park was parched so we stopped at a small waterhole a few kilometres from the camp to see what would come down for a last drink. There were a few blacksmith plovers darting about energetically, a few lethargic impala graz­ing on the fringes and one lonely hippo in the centre of the waterhole.

Out of the mopani thicket a thirsty pair of roan antelope appeared. A great and rare sighting for us but it seemed to be an unwelcome sight for the hippo in the centre of the oasis which moved uneasily and watched their every move. Sensing the unwelcoming stare and reception, the two paused. They glanced at the hippo and looked longingly at the refreshing water and then reluctantly walked away. We wondered if they’d met this grumpy inhabitant on a previous occasion.
Shortly after a few tired-looking buffalo ambled up to quench their thirst. The hippo twitched edgily... read more in Photo Tales.

Story by Hilton Schipholt

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