How to find a honey badger in the Kgalagadi

How to find a honey badger in the Kgalagadi

Honey badgers are often found trotting along, looking for well-occupied rodent holes. They dig rapidly and catch anything trapped in the burrow; they are frequently accompanied by an entourage of goshawks and jackal, ready to pounce on anything escaping the badger claws through multiple escape routes which the burrow may have. The pale chanting goshawk does not usually perch on a low branch or on the ground, and if it does so it is a good indication that there may be a honey badger nearby hunting for rodents. 

Honey BadgerHoney BadgerHoney Badger

Honey BadgerHoney Badger
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My husband Allan and I have gone 3 times to the park and going again next year, can’t wait !! It is the most magical place and we just love it. Thank you for the info about the honey badger and all the other information. Really interesting and much appreciated.

Delene King

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