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On Safari with OutdoorPhoto

On Safari with OutdoorPhoto

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SIZE: 270mm x 260mm, hard cover     

PAGES: 240     

ISBN: 9780620612906          

Various Photographers         

A collection of images by a range of photographers under the Outdoor Photo Safari Tours banner, capturing nature at its wildest, its most awe-inspiring, its most touching, and its most dramatic. A selection of the créme de la créme of wildlife photographs.  

This book is a tribute to our wildlife heritage and to those who strive to protect and preserve the last remaining wilderness areas. Each image reflects the photographer’s sensitivity to the moment, whether a lyrical rainbow glistening over pristine bushveld or a lioness charging, furiously intent on her prey. These pages present the ongoing dramas that occur daily in our planet’s wildest places, revealing a world where nature still reigns supreme. They give us a glimpse of a world that resonates with our primal instincts, and allow us to share – repeatedly – in places untouched by humankind’s encroachment, where uncomplicated, unspeakable beauty can still be found.

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