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Wild Seas

Wild Seas

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From gregarious grey whales plying the waters of Baja California to acrobatic manta rays in the Maldives and parading penguins in Antarctica, National Geographic photographer Thomas Peschak has spent a lifetime documenting the beauty and fragility of underwater life and the majesty of wild coastlines.

This awe-inspiring book of photography charts his transformation from marine biologist to full-time conservation advocate, armed with little more than a mask, fins, and a camera. In these vivid pages, Peschak photographs sharks in a feeding frenzy, tracks sea turtles the size of bears, and dodges marine poachers, to reveal the splendor of pristine seas as well as the dark side of pollution, overfishing, and climate change.

Filled with magnificent images from southern Africa, the Galápagos, Seychelles, and more, this illuminating collection offers an impassioned case for revering—and preserving—the world’s oceans.

In this astounding collection, National Geographic photographer Thomas Peschak shares more than 200 remarkable images from wild ocean locales around the globe. From close encounters with Galápagos sharks to dancing albatrosses, we experience the majesty of the seas and meet the creatures whose lives depend on them. Shot through with both splendor and vulnerability, this provocative book presents a compelling case for change.

Thomas Peschak is a National Geographic photographer who documents the beauty and fragility of the world’s oceans and coasts. Originally trained as a marine biologist, he embraced photography after realizing his images could have a greater conservation impact than his research. As the director of storytelling for the Save Our Seas Foundation and a National Geographic Society Fellow, he merges science with photojournalism to tackle critical conservation issues. His TED talk, “Dive Into an Ocean Photographer’s World,” has been viewed more than one million times. When he is not underwater or exploring remote islands, Peschak calls Cape Town, South Africa, home.

Listen to an interview with Thomas Peschak by Pippa Hudson of Cape Talk here.

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